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Retirement Plan Services
Always focused on what's best for your plan and your participants, our dedicated retirement plan consultants take their fiduciary responsibility very seriously. This is the core of our ERISA obligation.

Working with Touchstone Wealth Partners, you can benefit from:

As your plan advisors, we are accountable for the advice and recommendations we provide and support that commitment through a written agreement.

Transparency in pricing
We believe that expenses for recordkeeping, investment management and advice should be independent and fully disclosed. Plan sponsors can then be better prepared properly benchmark their costs to determine if they are reasonable for the serviced provided.

Investment flexibility
Our team can provide you with greater flexibility and opportunity to choose from a broad selection of mutual funds, index funds or ETFs, based on your plan requirements.

Employee retirement readiness
Our advisors look beyond enrollment numbers, and work with your employees to help them better understand their retirement needs, contributions, risks and the best strategies for helping them stay are on track toward their goals.

Turnkey solutions
We tailor our Nonqualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) plans to meet the design, financing and administration needs of plan sponsors and participants.

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